Frame and Art Repairs & Restoration

Sometimes you just don’t need something new, when what is old can be made new again. Yes, we know, it sounds corny but it’s true. Just because the current frame may not look like the shiny new model doesn’t mean it needs to be changed.

We love old frames, family heirlooms, and attic finds. Maybe Great Grand Dad’s old frame can be repaired and/or, while we are at it, his painting can be resorted as well! Yes, we do that too! Wherever possible, art restoration can bring new life to an old piece. 

If you find yourself suffering from INSURANCE CLAIM work due to a personal property disaster . . .  we can help there too! The best thing to do is give us a call, or bring your items into the shop so we can fully assess all your options. 

Frame & Art Repair & Restoration at Frameworks Northwest