Why Frameworks Northwest?

Frameworks Northwest has been providing professional custom picture framing, restoration, and design work since 1989. We have always been located in Port Townsend, however our clients come to us from throughout the Pacific Northwest. 

We have a long history as a locally owned, family run business. We bring to your project a combined background of trained, knowledgeable framers, and design professionals. Each possessing an independent eye for art, besides creative design, and photography backgrounds. But it is our creative ingenuity that you really want from our team. 

Why would you bring your framing job to Port Townsend vs using your local professional framer? 

At first glance, you would think we get that question a lot, but once in the shop it becomes clear the difference between what we do, and what can often be found elsewhere. First, we are not a big box operation. That means we have more choices, think more creatively, and can provide solutions and designs that do not fit into a cookie-cutter training program. Here, it isn’t about sticking your work into a wood box. It is all about making your project, and in turn making you, look good!

We are proud members of the Professional Picture Framer’s Assoc, as such we take it upon ourselves to attend 20 plus hours of continuing education each year. Everything from proper lighting for your art, better frame building, over-sized and commercial projects, hardware & equipment, mounting processes, restoration, the list just goes on. You never stop learning new things, nor do we. We take our work seriously because your project isn’t just some little image you hang on your wall. 

We invite you to take a close look at all the photos throughout our website, call and visit our showroom, ask all the questions that come to mind. We are here to make your finished pieces look their best so you can be proud to show them off.  

Frameworks Northwest, Port Townsend WA providing custom picture framing, design, & more.