Shadow Box and Memorabilia

What can we say? We just love sharing in your story!

It is your story and we love helping you share your life experience, memories and family history. We could say so much here, but maybe it is best that you hear from Jodi and her special project ….. 

Hello David & Rob

I just cannot say enough about my keepsake shadow box that you completed for me.

I brought in some of my family treasures, memories of my mother, and of my grandmother and asked you to help me put it all together to pass it on to my granddaughter Nina.

David & Rob your collaboration on my project was wonderful. 

David you helped me find the perfect frame and did your magic so that all the pieces fit within it perfectly. Rob, your creative eye chose the perfect background to showcase our memories and hand stitching some of the pieces to hold them in place. Enlarging a page from inside the dance card and using it as a mat was creative genius and perfectly lovely. 

When someone sees the piece they know it was done by people who love what they do everyday.  I am so grateful, to both of you, for the time you spent, your creative eyes, the quality of your workmanship, the love you put into the project and your very kind hearts in helping me tell my story. 

Thank you so much❤️

Judi S.