Textiles, Beading & Tiles

We love a challenge!

If you need it protected, displayed than it is likely that we can make it happen. Yes, we frame needlework, rugs, tapestries, beaded work, and even tiles. 

These unique items take even more special care, as they are often a combination of delicate, yet heavy at the same time. In many cases they are handmade, often by the client that brings in the work. We work directly with you, explaining the process of what it will take to mount your special item. 

Hanging fabrics, rugs, tapestries and other such items isn’t something new. Cultures all over the world have hung them on their walls to warm a room, buffer the sound, tell their heritage, or simply because they just loved looking at the craftsmanship. 

Take a look at the gallery below to see just a few of the many fabrics we have worked with. Then bring your piece in and let us create something special just for you.